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Kia Stinger Oconomowoc, WI

What is the Kia Stinger?

Published April 3, 2017

The new Kia Stinger that will be offered later this year for your enjoyment in Oconomowoc is the newest sports sedan on the market. Not only is this the newest for us to enjoy the ride but this amazing new sports sedan will be offered by Kia which hasnít made a name for itself in this arena of the automotive market. This will be a new venture for Kia and it will be one that you can easily admire and enjoy when youíre looking for the ride that will make a difference to you.
Where will the new Kia Stinger be offered if you want to drive this car in the Oconomowoc area? When it arrives later this year the Kia Stinger will be found at Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI where youíll be able to learn about it before it ever arrives as well. This car has shown up at some of the auto shows around the world and certainly has garnered a great deal of attention to be considered one of the most impressive new models that will be brought the market for the 2018 model year.
When you think of Kia you donít often think of an exciting car that can drive and drive the way youíd see in a German luxury sports sedan, but thatís exactly the crowd the Kia Stinger is aimed at. This car has been touted as one that can handle the challenge of drifting on the track, is equipped with an impressive pair of powertrains that will offer a fantastic way to enjoy the ride and the car that allows you to feel great from behind the wheel. If you think you want the Kia Stinger as the drive you want in Oconomowoc you need to be ready when this car comes to the market.
One of the terms used most often with cars of this nature is the term gran turismo which makes you feel like it can be used for long road trips that require the comfort you want when driving. The new Kia Stinger is built to be a fantastic grand touring model to fit into this category with a large size that makes a difference for you on the road. Youíll be able to take a road trip from Oconomowoc and enjoy the ride wherever you need to go to show of the Kia Stinger.
The new Kia Stinger will be an exciting and luxurious sports sedan that makes it easy for you to have the ride you want and the performance youíve been looking for from a brand thatís venturing into new territory. If you want to learn more about the Kia Stinger before it shows up on the lot at Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI come in and see this team and let the tell you what you want to know about the new large luxury sport sedan that will be offered for you to enjoy.

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