Quality and reliability meet with the Kia brand of vehicle, and with Ewald Kia sure can take care of all your Kia brand needs. Our everyday commitment is to give drivers in and around the Milwaukee area the highest quality service to our customers while promoting a good community to work in. With Ewald's Kia dealers in Milwaukee, WI, whether you want to buy new or buy used, our New or Certified Pre-Owned Sales experts are one hundred percent committed to giving you a one of a kind dealership experience. We aim to build our business on the Kia brand because we believe in the high quality of these new and used cars for sale in Milwaukee, and we think you will too.

Ewald's Kia dealership acts as though the needs of our customers are our very own needs as well, ensuring that you are treated with the respect and concern you need. We meet and exceed high expectations today, and as a Kia dealer in Milwaukee, we eagerly look forward to meeting the challenge of those expectations every day. Stop by Ewald's Kia dealership in Milwaukee today and put our service to the test!

Our knowledgeable and highly experienced staff is eager to help you find a new or used Kia in Milwaukee that is right for you. We gladly encourage drivers to take a look at our expansive online inventory, or to schedule a test drive, and even investigate Kia Motors Finance options with our easy-to-use website. You can also get more information concerning our vehicles and services using our online form, or by contacting us at (262) 226-2341.

Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI

Finding a new or used Kia in Milwaukee has never been easier than it is with Ewald's Kia dealership near me. Ewald Kia in Milwaukee has a very convenient location that lies just a hop away from downtown Milwaukee. Our store is in Oconomowoc, WI, and is only one very short drive from any Milwaukee neighborhood. Here at Ewald Kia in Milwaukee, you can browse an impressively extensive collection of new and used Kia cars for sale in Milwaukee, each one providing different advantages for different lifestyles.

Our Kia Dealership in Oconomowoc, WI

Ewald's Kia dealers in Milwaukee is very proud to offer drivers in and all around Milwaukee, WI one of the finest Kia dealerships around the area. Our floor to ceiling windows provide ample natural light, our guest lounge is displayed with comfortable and stylish furniture, and our staff is ready to help you.

Used Cars Madison, WI

Ewald's Kia dealership in Milwaukee is the dealership of choice for many drivers all over Wisconsin, as we make it fast and easy to find many quality models and body styles of used cars by Madison, WI! Here at Ewald Kia, we pride ourselves not only on our fantastic customer service but on your wide range of new and quality used cars by Madison WI that drivers can rely on! With used Kia SUVs, used Kia minivan, and plenty of used cars by Madison WI, Ewald Kia has something for everyone to enjoy just waiting to be discovered! We even have an incredible selection of certified pre-owned Kia cars for sale that are sure to blow you away when you try them out!

Here are at Ewald Kia, we are committed to helping drivers just like you find the reliable and trustworthy used car for sale that is just right for you, a car you can be proud to take out on the road! We want to make your shopping experience faster, easier, and more enjoyable, so come on over to our location today and let our friendly staff help you find the used car for sale near you that you need today!

Kia Service

Ewald Kia Service Center and our professional staff are factory certified technicians, who are all more than happy to accurately diagnose and service your new or used Kia car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ewald's Kia service department is open six days a week so that drivers can easily make an appointment that works for their schedule. With everything from getting your tires filled or rotated at our Tire Center, to regular vehicle maintenance like oil changes, Ewald's Service and Tire Center is sure to help you get back out on the road with ease. At Ewald's Kia dealers in Milwaukee, we know that needing to get your vehicle serviced or maintained can be quite the pain in the neck and we want to make such an experience a bit more pleasant. So to help make the process more enjoyable we offer a variety of amenities and a relaxing waiting area that you can enjoy, so stop on by Ewald's Service and Tire Center today.

Kia Service Coupons & Specials

Ewald's Kia Service Coupons and Parts Coupons can also provide you with great discounts on valuable services and parts, helping you save money. With our wide range of services and our helpful coupons and specials, maintaining and repairing your vehicle can easily be less stressful and more enjoyable!

Are you looking to enhance your new or used Kia car and make it something that is truly yours? Then you may want to consider letting Ewald's Kia Parts Department help you out with that. Ewald's Kia Parts Department proudly offers drivers a wide selection of authentic, genuine Kia parts for repairs, maintenance, and enhancement. Our selection of genuine Kia parts ensure that your new or used Kia car will be maintained or serviced with the parts that are precisely right for it, so you can avoid any guesswork and avoid wasting cash on parts that don't work for your vehicle.

Using authentic Kia parts can help you in many ways, as using the right parts in your maintenance and repair can lead to a more efficient fuel economy, better overall performance out on the road, and less frequent maintenance. This can save you time and money in the long run and can help extend the life of your vehicle, so it is important to use the right parts to get the most out of your vehicle, something that Ewald's Parts Department is happy to help you with. Ewald Kia also has many great Kia parts coupons that you can check out as well. Stop by our Kia Parts Department today and order your genuine Kia parts today!

Kia Dealership Serving Waukesha, Milwaukee & Madison, WI

Kia Cars For Sale Milwaukee From Ewald

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Used Cars Waukesha, WI From Ewald Kia

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Used Kia Optima Lease And Sale Oconomowoc Wisconsin

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