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You Can Get Excited About a Minivan

You Can Get Excited About a Minivan

Most of the time you might not think of the minivan market as one that you can actually get excited about, but when that minivan is the Kia Sedona you can have what you need.  This minivan is a value performer and it offers you a variety of trim levels to choose from so that you can have the one that will work perfectly for you and your family in Sussex, WI.  You can choose between seven or eight-passenger configurations to have the right one for you with the seating you need.

If you have a tight budget and need the least expensive version of the Kia Sedona as the minivan you want, the L trim will be what you need.  Of course you can also head up the line and have a ton of excellent features to make it possible for you to experience everything you want when you choose one of the higher trim levels to enjoy in Sussex, WI.  Come in and see the team at Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI to make sure you have the quality ride you’re looking for that can be perfect for you and your family.

When you want to provide those who ride along with you the comfort and class they would find in the first-class section of an airplane, you have to take a look at the Kia Sedona SXL model.  This trim level brings you the benefit of second-row captain’s chairs that feel elegant and comfortable with a reclining position that can be enjoyed and a footrest that comes up from below the seat.  This can be the right minivan for you and for your family to experience an excellent vehicle to drive in Sussex, WI.

If you need cargo space in your minivan one of the most tedious activities you can be saddled with is removing the seats to create more space.  The Kia Sedona makes it easier for you to have the space you want inside this vehicle with the slide-n-stow seats in the second row which slide forward and fold forward while the third row of seats folds up and hides below the floor. This makes the Kia Sedona a minivan that has the ability to offer you the right amount of cargo space for you driving duties in Sussex, WI.

With the right seating for you and your family, plenty of features for you and a low starting price you can have the benefit of an excellent vehicle to drive when you choose the Kia Sedona.  This gorgeous minivan is right for you when you see the team at Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI.  This is where you’re going to find the minivan that offers you more of what you’re looking for when you need to provide your family with the right vehicle to enjoy in Sussex, WI.  Come in and get excited about the minivan that’s right for your family today.

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