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Ewald Kia of Oconomowoc Makes it Easy to Save on Tires


TIRES: Buy 3, Get 1 Free: Select tire brands and sizes only. See dealer for details. Cannot combine offers. Valid only at Ewald Kia of Oconomowoc.

Don’t fret or stress over buying new tires for your vehicle, all you need to do is come on in to Ewald Automotive Group and check out our selection of high quality tires. As one of the leading tire sellers in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin, we here at Ewald provide drivers with an excellent selection of high quality and inexpensive tires for sale. When you do decide to get new tires, there are several things that you ought to consider when making your selection, such as the fuel economy, the tread, and especially the size, and our team of professionals is ready and willing to help guide you through it all.

Modern tires have become much more complicated in recent years, and that can sometimes make it difficult to determine which type of tire is the best one for your vehicle. This is important because selecting the wrong tire for your vehicle can have hazardous and negative effects, such as degrading your handling, lowering your safety, and causing a less smooth ride. This is also why cheap tires are often an unwise choice. Even though you safe money in the short term with cheap tires, you will inevitably spend more money in the long term because cheap tires do not last as long, and will need more frequent replacement.

The benefits of a high quality tire far outweigh the cost! A high quality tire from brands like Goodyear are guaranteed to last longer than cheaper tires, so you will not have to constantly spend money to replace them. You should also select a tire for its ability to grip the road beneath you. Thankfully our quality tires here in Milwaukee WI are sure to give you a firm grasp on the road below you, helping you improve handling and fuel economy significantly. You could see as much as 15 to 20 percent increase in fuel economy depending on the type of tire you get.

So point in case is that spending a little extra for higher quality tires like our goodyear tires will cost you much less in the long run, and will give you plenty of advantages to enjoy as you drive. However, just because our tires are good quality, doesn’t mean they need to be super expensive. We provide inexpensive, high quality tires for sale for nearly any kind of car, truck, SUV, and more, so don’t delay and come on in to Ewald Automotive Group’s Milwaukee Tire Center today, and schedule a tire service!
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