Save on Oil Changes with Ewald Kia of Oconomowoc

Ewald Kia of Oconomowoc Makes it Easy to Save on Oil Changes

Oil Changes
An oil change is one of the cheapest ways to improve your vehicle's performance and lengthen its lifespan. Although oil is rather cheap, even if you get the higher end brands, it plays an essential role in your vehicle's make up and performance, and spending some pocket change for a cheap oil change with Ewald Auto Service Center in Milwaukee now will save you from spending a lot of money in the future.

What Does Oil Even Do?
If you wanna know why oil is so important to your vehicle, you have to understand what exactly it does for your engine, as well as what risks you have when you don’t change your oil. Your engine's oil has three very important functions that help your vehicle perform better, run more smoothly, and last longer. The very first thing that your oil does for you is that it lubricates all if the many parts of the engine, allowing it to run better with significantly decreased wear and tear. Your engine’s oil helps to keep it cool and prevent overheating. The final task that oil does for your vehicle is that is prevent the buildup of materials in your engine such as varnish and carbon.

So When Should You Change It?
Most people believe that you should change your oil after you have driven a certain amount of miles, or after a period of time. Our experts here at Ewald Auto Service Center believe that mileage is a much more important factor than time, and this is because driving around and using your vehicle all the time produces greater wear and tear than just sitting around. You may also want to consider other factors like extreme heat, towing a trailer, or driving where there is a lot of dust and sand. Just to be safe our team of experts here at Ewald Milwaukee Car Service Center suggests that every 3,000 miles you should to avoid any unwanted problems. And you can always get a cheap oil change with the Milwaukee Car Service Center at Ewald’s Automotive Group.

What If I Don’t Change My Oil?
Not changing your oil is one of the worst things you can do to your vehicle, and if not done regularly can cause some severe issues for you. At first your engine will start to accumulate buildup in the cooler parts of your engine, which will require engine cleanings to fix and can also result in worn out piston rings. If continued to be untreated, your pistons could eventually seize up, and you can even cause damage to your camshafts. Trust us here at Ewald, it is much more affordable to get a cheap oil change with us, than it is to have those kinds of easily preventable repairs done.

These repairs and expenses are super easy to avoid though, all you need to do is come on in to Ewald Auto parts and Service Center in Milwaukee and get a quick and easy oil change that will only cost you mere pocket change. We are sure to have your oil changed in 45 minutes or less, and every oil change includes free fluid top offs and a free car wash, as our promise to you. Sos top by Ewald Automotive Group today and schedule an oil change before all those costly repairs start adding up!
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