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Are you dying to get rid of your current car and get into a hip, adaptable Kia Soul? Ewald Kia is the perfect dealership to trade in whatever you're driving right now, and explore your options for a Kia Soul lease. There are many reasons why the Kia Soul is such a popular vehicle. The distinctively angular body shape is unique. The Kia Soul lies somewhere in between car and crossover. You'll get the pricing of a compact car married to the cargo space of a crossover. Apart from the stylish exterior, this is a wonderful car for city drivers. Although the interior feels roomy, the Kia Soul itself is sized to navigate dense urban environments. You'll love the peppy acceleration, responsive brake system, and intuitive steering abilities.

For all its style, the new Kia Soul is genuinely enjoyable to drive. This spry vehicle is equally comfortable to drive in town and on the highway. The handling is deft, and acceleration grows speedier as you climb the classes. You'll adore the spacious cabin and ample cargo space. For students and families alike, the Kia Soul packs a surprising amount of punch. There's plenty of room to load your car up with laundry before leaving school to go home for the weekend. Groceries, pets, and sports equipment will fit with ease into the spacious cargo hold. The maximum amount of storage that you will get out of a 2020 Kia Soul is 61.3 cubic feet of space!

The Kia Soul's infotainment system is easy to navigate and full of interactive features. The interior feels more luxurious than other similar models, with an expressive layout and plenty of details. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Kia Soul as a top safety pick. You can feel completely confident driving around your loved ones in this safety-minded car. Customization options for your Kia Soul lease are endless!

There are many trim levels offering you plenty of options to choose a Kia Soul that suits your individuality. The Plus trim level will include leather seats, a sunroof, and a heated steering wheel. You will also enjoy the extra power and a high-end Infinity sound system. The Kia Soul Exclaim will give you a turbocharged engine if you have a serious need for more power. For the environmentalist, Kia offers a fully electric Kia Soul EV. You can drive on electricity alone, and recharging your car is faster and easier than ever. Edmunds has given the new Kia Soul a fantastic 4.5/5 reliability rating. You'll feel secure knowing that the Kia Soul performed very well in crash tests. The NHTSA gave the Kia Soul a 5/5 star overall safety rating.
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There's so much to love about this iconic automotive creation. But just reading about the amazing capabilities of the Kia Soul doesn't do the car justice. You will want to get behind the wheel and see for yourself. Luckily, scheduling your test drive is easy to do from the comfort of your home. You can schedule your test drive online from our website. Just fill out a simple form, and our sales team will be in touch to confirm your test drive. Avoid any waits at our dealership by scheduling your test drive in advance.

Kia Lease Deals

Is your heart set on the Kia Soul, but you don't want to commit to driving it forever? Leasing your Kia Soul might be a preferential option. At Ewald Kia, we have several terrific Kia lease deals. Details about our Kia Soul lease deals can be found on our website. When you lease your vehicle instead of purchase, the monthly payments are significantly lower. You will also love knowing that you'll be in a new car in two or three years. Perfect for the fickle customer, a lease is a great way to keep yourself in a late model car. You can forget about any anxiety over breaking down out of warranty!
When you lease your new Kia Soul, you'll never be without warranty coverage. Kia warranties are known in the industry for being some of the most comprehensive. When you buy a new car, your investment will depreciate the minute you drive it home. Suddenly, your new car isn't new anymore. Depreciation occurs the fastest in the first few years of a car's life. When you lease instead of buy, you don't have to be concerned about your investment losing value. At the end of your lease, you'll simply turn it in for something different! What a wonderful way to always drive a late-model car.

When it's time to search for amazing Kia Lease deals, contact Ewald Kia. Our friendly sales team can't wait to help you decide which Kia lease deal will best suit your lifestyle. Whenever you're ready to take advantage of Ewald Kia's amazing lease deals, give us a call or stop by the dealership.

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