Kia Service Oconomowoc

Kia Service Oconomowoc

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Get your vehicle serviced or order parts with Ewald. Your satisfaction, guaranteed.

Has your check engine light come on recently, or you want to ensure that mechanical issues don’t surface at an inopportune time? It makes sense to protect any investment you make, especially when being able to get to work depends on it. Chances are, you’ve purchased a Kia due to their reliability, affordability, safety, and the exceptional warranty that comes with each one. If you want to ensure your vehicle lasts for years to come, it’s wise to provide it with certified Kia service in Oconomowoc. There are plenty of mechanics out there that will advertise low prices and a fast turnover, but that doesn’t always mean they have the training and tools needed to get the job done. For service from experts that know your car like the back of their hand, it’s in your best interests to head to an Ewald Kia Service Department. We’ve been not only providing people with a practical and accessible way to purchase vehicles, but also ensure they last for decades to come. At our Kia dealership in Oconomowoc, we have an entire team of Kia-certified technicians that have been trained to specifically work on your car, SUV, or minivan. Even brand-new models that some mechanics may not be able to service, such as the 2022 Carnival, will get the care they require at Ewald.

The reasons to exclusively use a certified Kia Service Center are boundless, especially when you don’t want to take any risks. Many shops out there won’t properly vet their employees, which could entail an inexperienced person is handling crucial Kia service near you. On the other hand, a Kia Service Department has very high standards for their specialists. Even something as seemingly minimal as a tire alignment can go horribly awry without adequate training or the right tools. For this reason, we require our technicians to become certified by Kia Motors while ensuring all the latest resources are placed in their possession. Cutting-edge technology and tools enable us to effectively and accurately diagnose any potential issues. We can also check to see if your performance has been decreasing and what we can do to mitigate the problem. Our thoroughness is one of the many reasons so many people continue to choose us when they need Kia service in Oconomowoc.

Sometimes, mechanics will try to cut corners to save some money, primarily when it boils down to the parts they use. An independent shop could end up installing aftermarket components to save some money. However, this could mean you’ll end up spending more in the long run since their quality is not always on par with OEM parts. For this reason, we make sure to exclusively use genuine components sent to us directly from Kia Motors. In fact, we already have a myriad of parts on-hand at our Kia Service Department so we can perform repairs quickly and effectively. Components sent to us from Kia are a 100% guaranteed fit for your precise make, model, and year. Due to this, you’ll notice your performance will either be improved or remain unchanged. In addition, non-OEM parts could end up voiding the 100,000-mile/10-year warranty provided by Kia Motors. If you need repairs or Kia service in Oconomowoc, it’s best not to roll the dice. Whether it’s your engine cover, starter, brake rotors, or electronics, we’ll ensure the correct components are utilized.

It’s easy to assume that going to a certified Kia Service Department will cost extra. However, we don’t feel as though people should pay extra for peace of mind and assurance that a job is being done correctly the first time around. Checking our website before you head over and see us is a great way to save yourself some cash. We regularly offer coupons for parts, accessories, and even Kia service in Oconomowoc. Free car washes with every visit are also a real possibility when you sign up for Ewald Rewards. This program enables members to earn points every time they make a purchase at our Kia Service Department. Later, you can save up these points and redeem them for discounts of over 10%! It pays off to come to us, and not just because certified service from a Kia dealer near you can ensure your car’s longevity. People have come to know us for our competitive rates regardless of whether it concerns our selection of vehicles for sale or Kia service in Oconomowoc. We’re even here for you six days out of the week in case you’ve been bogged down by a hectic schedule and don’t want to wait any longer for maintenance. Simply get on our website to arrange an appointment or give us a call on Mondays through Saturdays. We also enable clients to order components off our website so they’ll be ready at our location when you stop by. If you’re not looking to risk your vehicle’s performance or deal with any dishonesty, we’re just a short drive away at 36883 E Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

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