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Whether you drive an Optima, Soul, or even the newest Seltos, you must give your vehicle certified Kia service in Milwaukee. Owning a car is a huge responsibility that requires you to stay ahead of all its various needs. From oil changes to rotating your tires, you need a source you can trust for all your maintenance needs. Not only can we sell you your next car, but also ensure that it lasts you for many years to come! Our location is home to a certified Milwaukee Kia Service Center capable of handling various services. Just like our showroom, the people in our Kia Service Center near you take pride in their work and track record for customer satisfaction. Just about any of our thousands of past customers from over the years will tell you that we’re a smart choice when you need maintenance or repairs. Acting as an extension of the manufacturer means we’re expected to adhere to their high standards. This also gives us a few unique advantages, such as having access to many tools and resources before independent mechanics. Although the people down the street may not have the equipment needed to keep your new 2021 Kia Seltos running well, you can rest assured that we do!

We have all the latest technology and equipment at our disposal is a definite benefit. But it’s not the only one you’ll find at a certified Milwaukee Kia Service Center. To provide clients with the best service possible, we use only factory-trained technicians at our location. These specialists have intimate knowledge of your car’s inner workings and the ability to diagnose any potential issues. Lately, it can seem like even routine Kia service near you, such as an oil change, requires an increased amount of training. As a result, you’ll want to have the utmost confidence that you’re leaving your vehicle in the hands of people who know it well. Some mechanics won’t vet many of their employees before hiring them, resulting in many not having proper training. Heading to a Milwaukee Kia Service Center can allow you the peace of mind you deserve.

Did you know that changing even one part in your car can cause a night and day difference in performance? If you’ve ever gone to a mechanic and notice a reduction in acceleration or efficiency, they likely used aftermarket parts. Although they may seem cheaper at first, aftermarket components can cause excess engine wear due to not being a perfect fit. It would help if you also exercised a level of caution since many affordable non-OEM parts are made of inferior materials. But, you can avoid this by heading to us for repairs and Kia service near you! We have access to genuine components sent to us from the factory to ensure your vehicle’s efficiency is improved or remains unaltered. We’re even home to a dedicated Parts Department that has many of these components on hand already. There is also the option to order OEM parts on our website that you can later pick up from our Milwaukee Kia Service Center.

It does make sense to save as much money as you can, especially when it’s an expenditure that pops up. As much as you want to get a certified Kia service near you, you may still be unwilling to pay a little bit extra for quality care. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to ensure your Kia car or SUV’s longevity! Checking online, you’ll discover we have Kia service coupons that can be used on a variety of different services and purchases. These savings often change, which is why it’s a good idea to keep checking our website and printing them out! Another unique way you can save big when getting Kia service in Milwaukee is our Ewald Auto Advantage Program. This exclusive program allows you to earn points every time you make a buy at an Ewald location. Whether you’re getting a car or an oil change, your points will accumulate on a card you can later use to get discounts of over 10% off! For a Milwaukee Kia Service Center that can give you top-notch service while helping you save, then remember the Ewald name.

Sometimes, a busy schedule can complicate your ability to stop by for necessary Kia service near you. For this reason, we remain open six days a week, rain or shine. Extended hours during the weekdays allow you to visit before or after work while being here on the weekends ensures we’re available on your days off. If you’d like to set up an appointment with us, then you can do so online at any time or by phone during business hours. We pride ourselves on having a great turnaround time, so there’s also a chance you can stop by at your convenience for Kia service near you. When you feel ready, you’ll find us located at 36883 E Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

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