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Does Your Vehicle Have a Recall?

We all like to think of our vehicles as safe when out on the road. But your vehicle may not be as safe as you would like to think! There are times when a manufacturer may issue a recall on your vehicle. But do not worry. At Ewald Kia's Milwaukee car dealership, we make it easy to check your vehicle for recalls. We will detail what a Kia recall is, why it is important, and what you can do.

Kia Part Recalls

Are you wondering if your car is listed for a Kia recall? Do you want to know how you can check our vehicle for recalls? Ewald Kia's Milwaukee car dealership is here to help! Our Milwaukee car dealership has offered reliable service for fifty-four years. We have decades of knowledge and experience to share with you. We will do our best to see to your vehicular needs, including Kia part recalls. If you need to check your vehicle for car recalls, we will be happy to assist you. Stop by our location or give us a call today.You may be wondering what a Kia recall even is. When the vehicle manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that a vehicle has a safety-related defect or fails to follow Federal safety regulations, it is given a recall. In the event of a Kia part recall, the vehicle manufacturer will notify affected owners, and offer repairs. Please note that a Kia recall does not imply that the entire vehicle will be replaced. In the instance of a recall, the defective part or parts are usually the only things that are replaced. If you receive a letter notifying you of a Kia recall, it will likely contain:
  • A description of the defect
  • The potential hazard or danger the defect can cause
  • Potential warning signs of your vehicle having the defect
  • How your manufacturer plans to fix the issue, which should also include
  • When the repair will be available to you
  • How long the repair is expected to take
  • Instructions on what you should do next
At Ewald Kia, we can make it easy to check your vehicle for recalls. You can check with the NHTSA, and do a Kia recall check using your VIN. You can also check with Kia, also using your VIN.

Milwaukee Car Dealership

Every driver knows that it is important to keep your vehicle safe on the road. Even if your vehicle is issued a Kia recall, this does not mean that you are in imminent danger. You should still strive to have any Kia part recall issued to your vehicle addressed as soon as possible. Doing so can prevent serious hazards to yourself or harm to your vehicle from occurring in the future. Visit our authorized Milwaukee car dealership to have recalls and repairs fixed.At Ewald Kia, we take our drivers' safety seriously. We offer maintenance and repairs anywhere from oil changes to installing new brake pads and more. When it comes to a recall on your Kia vehicle, we will be happy to assist you.
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