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Have you made it a goal to ensure your vehicle lasts for two decades instead of 2 years? After spending tens of thousands of dollars on a car, it makes sense to provide it with the level of service it deserves. But, even when you stay a step ahead of maintenance like oil changes, new brake pads, or replacing your battery, there are still moments where you could need Kia parts in Waukesha. Depending on your location, driving habits, and a myriad of other factors, you could encounter excessive wear to essential components. When this happens, you’ll have to replace Kia parts near you before the issue becomes an even bigger one. Even a minor feature that’s not working as it should impact how others under your hood function. If you don’t want to encounter a costly repair bill and restore the performance your current car used to offer, we can help. You might think of automotive sales whenever Waukesha car dealers come to mind. But, we’re a phenomenal placed to give your Kia car, SUV, or minivan the expert care it needs. Being a certified dealership, we have access to more than all the latest 2021 and 2022 models from Kia. We’re also able to get genuine Kia parts in Waukesha delivered to our location. We have hundreds of different components already, confirming you’re bound to find what you need. From upgrades for your Kia Stinger to replacing your engine cover, all our Kia parts near you are OEM for several reasons.

Looking at aftermarket and OEM components, a few things become clear right off the bat. There is a much lower cost with most aftermarket parts, but that doesn’t always mean you’re getting a good deal. But, if you were to buy a starter for your Kia Sportage that isn’t from the manufacturer, it could void your warranty. Many aftermarket Kia parts in Waukesha are designed to fit several different vehicles rather than your specific model. Avoiding these concerns is quite simple since Kia Motors make our OEM Kia parts. When you see a component that tells you it’s been made for your precise make, year, and model, you can breathe. A part that doesn’t fit will cause more stress to others below your hood. Drivers will also be doing themselves a disservice to forget that aftermarket Kia parts near you are cheap for a reason. The low cost of a non-OEM door trim panel or other component is usually due to using inferior materials during their production. But, a genuine brake rotor from Kia Motors will be of exceptional quality due to their high standards. If a manufacturer is making components for their vehicles, you can bet they’ll be solid and functional. Genuine Kia parts in Waukesha also tend to be protected by a warranty if something happens to go wrong. For these reasons, we make sure only to use tools, resources, and components sent to us by Kia. Whether you want us to handle the installation or prefer to do it yourself, we’re happy to accommodate you. We even provide a way to order Kia parts online if you need a specific one to complete repairs at home. Our team will have these components sent to us from the factory to pick up at your convenience. As car dealers in Waukesha that have been around for decades, we want to have all your auto needs covered in one location. Ewald is a name you don’t want to forget, from collision repair and maintenance to outstanding finance offers on new models!

If you’re coming to us for repairs or servicing, our use of genuine Kia parts near you is far from the only incentive to make Ewald your primary source. We also have an entire team of skilled technicians handling everything from auto bodywork to cursory oil changes. Employing only factory-trained specialists entails your car is receiving care from people who know it inside and out. Being an extension of Kia Motors means we’re expected to uphold the reputation of an iconic and trusted automaker. As a result, honesty and integrity are two of our primary policies at Ewald. If you need OEM Kia parts in Waukesha and don’t want to deal with any nonsense, we’re just a short drive away.

To arrange an appointment or place an order for some new components, you can do so online in seconds. We’ve even provided a way to reach out to a technician if you have questions before taking your vehicle to us. Additionally, when you need maintenance or Kia parts near you, we’re open six days out of the week. Although you can order components through our website, it’s likely we already have what you’re looking for in stock at 36883 E Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

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