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Are you ready to trade in your current vehicle for a fantastic new Kia car? If you are in the market for your next Kia, Ewald Kia should be your first destination. Our Kia dealership near you is the perfect place to start shopping for your next vehicle. Ewald Kia is part of an established dealership group that is family owned and operated. With over fifty years of experience in the auto business, Ewald Kia has the selection and service that you are looking for. We carry a fantastic range of the latest new Kia cars. Our dealership is proud to offer the fine cars of Kia to our valued customers. Kia is known throughout the world for producing a vast array of different vehicle types. Although the Kia lineup is diverse, they are all united by a common dedication to safety and innovation. Whatever style of vehicle you are interested in, we know that you will find many wonderful options at Ewald Kia. When you are ready to start searching for the best Kia for your lifestyle, you can head directly to Ewald Kia. From the moment that you arrive, you will be assisted by a member of our expert sales staff. The sales team at Ewald Kia has undergone extensive training on the current lineup. They can be a really valuable source of information as you start to narrow down your options at our dealership. Are you looking for a particular type of Kia car, like a 2021 Kia Optima? If you have a certain vehicle in mind that you are interested in, our sales team will be happy to show you your options. You'll have the chance to tour the Ewald Kia showroom and get to know our team of sales professionals. Stop by Ewald Kia during our convenient hours of business to begin shopping for your next Kia!

Kia Optima For Sale Wisconsin

One of the most popular vehicle requests at Ewald Kia is the 2021 Kia Optima. The Kia Optima for sale in Wisconsin has been totally redesigned for the 2021 edition. If you thought that the previous generation of Kia Optima for sale in Oconomowoc was a good looking car, the 2021 model will leave you speechless. With a futuristic, sleek design, the new Kia Optima for sale in Wisconsin is a true knockout. You are certain to adore the dramatic, contoured exterior of the Kia Optima for sale in Oconomowoc. The interior is equally compelling. The Kia Optima for sale in Wisconsin sports a sparse yet decadent cabin, full of upscale materials and finishes. The infotainment system inside of the Kia Optima offers a 10.3-inch touchscreen and has been praised for its intuitive simplicity. You can learn more about the Kia Optima for sale in Oconomowoc at our dealership. There is nothing that our sales team enjoys more than discussing our inventory with customers. If you don't have the time to stop by our dealership in person to look at our selection, why not begin shopping online? Ewald Kia offers our customers a virtual showroom to display our complete inventory. You can easily search for the Kia Optima for sale in Wisconsin that you have been longing for in our virtual showroom. Customers can browse vehicles by body style or by the vehicle's price. With so many exemplary models to choose from, we know that you will find one that is a great fit for your needs. After you see a Kia Optima for sale in Oconomowoc that you can't live without, you will want to make an appointment at Ewald Kia. Schedule your test drive at our dealership by calling our friendly sales team. Let them know which vehicle you'd like to see, and we will help you choose the best time to visit.

2021 Kia Optima

After you test drive the Kia Optima for sale in Oconomowoc, it will be time to think about the financial aspect of your transaction. Are you planning on financing your next Kia Optima for sale in Wisconsin? If you are considering obtaining a car loan to finance your purchase at Ewald Kia, let our trusted dealership assist you. We have a financial services department at our dealership that can help you navigate through the process of securing financing. At Ewald Kia, we know that applying for an auto loan can seem a little bit intimidating. Our financial services team makes it easy for you to get the loan that you need. You can even start your auto loan application online. All that you will need is some simple information about your residency, employment, and finances. Perhaps you are interested in learning about Kia Optima lease deals. Ewald Kia offers our customers a rotating roaster of manufacturer specials. If you are planning on leasing your next Kia Optima, don't forget to check for any available Kia Optima lease deals! Our financial services department will also be able to help you decide if leasing is a good option for your situation. Whether you end up purchasing or leasing, Ewald Kia can't wait to show you why we are the premier Kia dealership in Wisconsin.
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