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Do you have an interest in protecting yourself and any precious cargo you may be carrying? Getting into a safe car can be essential, especially given how unpredictable the road can be. Accidents can happen at a moment’s notice, and when they do, it pays off to be in a safe and dependable vehicle. If you’re planning on getting into a new car, why not get into a car from a manufacturer known for their cutting edge safety? For these reasons Kia SUVs near you remain an excellent decision when it comes to affordability. Despite Kia having some of the most reasonably priced SUVs on the road, they’re loaded with some of the most advanced safety technology. Take for example the new Kia Sorento at our car dealerships in Milwaukee. This vehicle earned the IIHS’s Top Safety Pick+ along with four other exceptional Kia cars for sale near you. Altogether 9 Kia models were selected by the IIHS for their impressive performance in crash safety tests.

Despite the Sorento being a contender for a spacious, reliable, and safe Kia SUV near you, those seeking even more efficiency should check out a Kia Sportage for sale! Offering a smaller package than the Sorento, this vehicle feels agile and has a sporty and sleek exterior. Despite being more nimble and smaller than the Sorento, a Kia Sportage for sale still offers plenty of room on the inside. As exceptional as our new Kia SUVs near you may be, you might find yourself on a tight budget. Often, a smart financial move is to look into used Kia SUVs for sale instead of the latest models. Buying pre-owned comes with a great set of advantages such as the lower initial cost and the tendency to be offered lower rates by your insurance company. Furthermore, getting into a used car means you won’t have to worry nearly as much about the depreciating value like you would in a new car.

Although buying used Kia SUVs for sale near you has its advantages, there can be some risks when going through an untrusted source. However, working with our car dealerships in Milwaukee can take away the stress of potentially ending up in unreliable Kia SUVs near you. The moment that our Kia dealers receive a used car, we make sure to have it looked over and examined by our technicians. Each specialist we have performing our inspections has been trained by Kia themselves, ensuring they know these cars well. As a result, shopping at our car dealerships in Milwaukee can be completely void of any potential risks. You’ll be able to focus on the excitement of saving money on a used Kia Sportage for sale instead of the prospect of running into unwanted surprises. Each of our used Kia SUVs for sale also come with a free vehicle history report so that you can see how well a vehicle has been cared for over the years. This history report can also let you know if any of our Kia SUVs near you have previously been involved in an accident. When folks want transparency and honest, they make Ewald their car dealerships in Milwaukee.
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Used Kia SUVs For Sale

Are you thinking about financing with our Kia dealers but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Shopping for a used Kia Sportage for sale can be exciting, but often the paperwork can feel excruciating. In addition, you may find yourself unsure of the loan amount you’ll be able to receive, which can leave you to shop blind. However, we want to give our clients the insight they need even before they make their way to our car dealerships in Milwaukee. For this reason, we offer a few helpful online tools that can allow you to get started on securing your loan and pinpointing the right vehicles.
By using our auto loan calculator, you can get a quick estimate of the monthly cost of financing any new or used Kia SUVs for sale. Although this tool can be helpful, the best way to work out a comprehensive budget and understand your price range is by getting pre-approved. Completing our online credit application means that our Kia dealers will be able to let you know your loan amount and any other conditions of your loan. As a result, you’ll be able to easily determine which used Kia SUVs are within your price range. Aside from this, getting pre-approved online will save you from spending unneeded time at our car dealerships in Milwaukee.

These are just a few of the ways our Kia dealers make it easy before you even set foot through our doors. For unrivaled service, savings, and selection make sure to keep Ewald Kia in mind. We stay open Mondays through Saturdays and are conveniently located at 36883 E Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

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