Save on Brakes with Ewald Kia of Oconomowoc

Ewald Kia of Oconomowoc Makes it Easy to Save on Brakes

Don’t wait until you hear screeching and can’t stop to think about replacing your vehicle's brakes. When either of these things happen it is because your brakes are about to completely fail, which can have dangerous consequences. You will know it is time to replace your vehicle if you feel your vehicle vibrating or pulling to one side while slowing down. Continuing to drive with brakes in these conditions can have expensive results, as it can cause further damage to your brake system. Brake pads on their own are pretty cheap and inexpensive to buy and replace, but when you drive around with worn pads you run the risk of causing more extensive damage to your vehicle and its braking system, which can cost you thousands in the long run.

Brakes are an important part of your vehicle, just as important as your engine even, and as such you want to make sure that you are getting the proper maintenance and service. Good brakes help you keep control over your vehicle in difficult road conditions like slippery roads, and helps prevent sliding during the icy winter months. When it comes to slipping and sliding, your brakes play as large a role as your tires do. Even though you may change your brakes consistently, you can still have unforeseen damage to your vehicle. Although you can very easily change your brake pads yourself, you may not notice other damaged parts the need replacement. This would cause continuous damage to your vehicle, despite having new pads. When you replace your brake pads you need to make sure nothing else is worn or damaged. Otherwise you will be spending more money on more frequent pad replacements, but with Ewald Auto Service Center in Milwaukee, you can have your brake system checked out and serviced professionally.

There are many different parts of your brake system, and your brake pads can be made of several different materials. The most common materials for your break pads to be made out of are Ceramic and Metallic pads. Ceramic brake pads are ideal for smaller, lighter cars as they produce less brake dust, and brake dust can cause squealing and increased slipping, but are not optimal for heavy cars or trucks as they become noisy. Semi-Metallic pads have a much higher temperature fade resistance as well as an increased level of friction than ceramic brake pads. Although the choice is yours, it can still be confusing to decide which type of brake is best for you, but when you come to Ewald’s Auto Parts and Service Center in Milwaukee you can sit back and relax as we guide you through the whole process.

Don’t wait until the last minute to service your brakes, they are way to critical to your vehicle’s health. If replacing the brakes yourself is a pain to you, or you don’t know how, then you can save yourself the grief and time by coming to Ewald's Milwaukee Service Center and scheduling an appointment to have your brakes treated professionally today.
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