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Telluride from Our Milwaukee Dealers
   Published October 15, 2019
Wisconsin Kia DealersStrive for excellence in each part of your life. From doing the most excellent work to being the best person you can be, now is the time to focus on improvement. Take the time to process what you need to do the best work. With the right tools for the job, you can make each task simple. Have you ever tried to complete a task without the right tools? It can feel impossible. Take time to explore options for the proper tools to help you improve. Our vehicles are those tools.  Read More
Brookfield WI Used Cars
   Published October 14, 2019
Car Dealerships in Brookfield, WIHiding in a car lot near you resides the car you have been on the search for. With all the eye-catching features and stylish build, find the car you have been looking for with our car dealerships in Brookfield, WI. Let Ewald Kia be your place to go to get used cars Brookfield, WI. Our car dealerships in Brookfield, WI, are ready to please. Enjoy the reliable selection you are searching for today. With Ewald Kia, we make your car search simple for you. No more  Read More
Wisconsin Car Dealerships
   Published October 11, 2019
Kia Dealerships in WisconsinWhat are the features you look for when you car shop? Is the vehicle style what you crave? How about the safety features. For many people, different features make a difference when they are car shopping. From safety features like lane keep assist and blind-spot detection systems, trust our Kia options. To style elements like updated led headlights, now is the time to get the vehicles you want. Get the updated options you want from our car dealerships. Come to Ewald  Read More
Kia Lease and Minivan
   Published October 10, 2019
Kia in MilwaukeeGathering to the places with the vehicles you want is essential as you car shop. Check out Ewald Kia today and get the Kia options you are looking for. From Kia cars, Kia minivans and trucks, we have what you need. Explore your possibilities with us today at our car dealerships. Whether you want a car that takes you to and from work or a minivan for the whole family, we are ready for you. At Ewald Kia, we are ready to get you the options you want for the vehicles you need. Stop  Read More
Watertown Kia Soul Options
   Published October 9, 2019
Kia Watertown, WIFollow your gut. Many people struggle with decision making. But, when you follow your gut, you can limit your distractions and get the options you need. No matter if you are thinking of what to have for dinner or you are looking for your next car, when you trust your gut, you will get the options you want. Whether you are pining for the Kia Soul on sale or some other car, let your gut help you with your vehicle search. If the Kia Soul is what grabs your attention, then let  Read More
Kia Parts and Service
   Published October 8, 2019
Kia Service Center Near MeExplore the roadway with ease. You should never be afraid to drive wherever you want because of your car. Give yourself a chance at being struggle free and get a vehicle that you do not have to worry about. Many people have vehicles that are beyond their prime. If you find that your current vehicle is inefficient in getting you where you need to go, then it is time for some vehicle maintenance. You cannot allow your car to go without regular maintenance, or your car  Read More
Kia Sportage and SUVs
   Published October 7, 2019
Cars in Milwaukee for SaleWe all have a journey. For a racecar driver, the journey is the race of the track. Zipping in and out of the packed heap of drivers all headed to the same goal. The burning rubber falls behind them as they speed forward to their destination. With each turn of the steering wheel, they get closer and closer to their goals; the finish line. Each level of skill gives the drivers the competitive edge they need to slip under the radar and win the race. Different vehicles on  Read More
Oconomowoc Kia Car Deals
   Published October 4, 2019
Oconomowoc Used CarsKeep control of the road with a car that you love. A few places give you a chance you need to find the right vehicles for sale. There will always be a car dealer that claims to have the best selection of vehicle. What makes them differ from other car dealers. With so many to choose from, what makes car shopping stand out to you? Is it the closeness of the car dealerships? Is it the type of inventory available? There are many ways one can find a car dealership to help them  Read More
Waukesha Kia Cars
   Published October 2, 2019
Waukesha Used Car DealershipsFinding the right place with the right cars can be a challenge. We know the options you are looking for when you are searching for your next vehicle. Let our selection of Kia cars for sale help you. Come to Ewald Kia today and explore our Waukesha used car dealerships for the car options you want. We have cars SUVs and trucks ready to please. A Kia of Waukesha is not a challenge to find when you trust our car dealers to help you find them. Take a journey to our car  Read More
Milwaukee Kia Minivans for Sale
   Published October 1, 2019
Kia Dealer MilwaukeeExplore your possibilities for reliable vehicles with our car dealers in Milwaukee. We are your Kia dealer that makes your car search simple. With options for a Kia minivan for sale, we are ready to please. Minivans give you the spacious interior you need for your gear and your passengers. Whether you are looking for a spacious vehicle for taking part in a ride-sharing service or you want a Kia minivan to help you with the family, we are ready to please. Stop by today and  Read More
Waukesha Kia SUV Options
   Published September 30, 2019
Waukesha Car DealersFinding the perfect vehicle to help you enjoy your travels is essential. There are a variety of places to go when you are looking for your next vehicle. From local car dealers to private sales, you have the options you need for your next vehicle. But how do you know where to trust when you are searching for your next vehicle? With so many to choose from, finding the right car dealers can be a challenge. Do not struggle to find your next vehicle when you can trust your local  Read More
Kia car Latest Models Milwaukee
   Published September 27, 2019
Have you been searching for the best selection of cars in Milwaukee for sale? Ewald Kia is proud to offer an amazing selection of new Kia cars in Milwaukee, as well as a vast assortment of pre-owned cars of many makes. When you're looking for Kia in Milwaukee, pay Ewald Kia a visit. We have years of experience providing exceptional customer service to our community. Our mission is to help all of our customers find and finance the right vehicle for their budget and lifestyle. Our Kia dealership  Read More
2020 Kia Lease Deals Near Me
   Published September 26, 2019
Have you finally decided that it is time to get into a new car? When you are ready to replace your current car, our Milwaukee Kia dealership is a wonderful place to begin your search. Ewald Kia is proud to offer a robust selection of new and pre-owned Kia for sale. We are a family owned business that has been an integral member of the community since 1964. Benefit from our decades of experience in the car industry when you shop at Ewald Kia. Our informative and helpful sales team will be happy  Read More
Waukesha Used Cars Wisconsin
   Published September 25, 2019
Are you in need of a reliable and honest car dealership in Waukesha, WI? Ewald Kia is the local favorite destination for used cars in Waukesha, WI. Whether you are looking for a Kia Cadenza for sale or curious about your Kia leasing options, Ewald can assist you. As a local business since 1964, we pride ourselves on serving our community. Our Kia dealership stocks the finest new vehicles in the current Kia lineup, as well as an impressive selection of used cars in Waukesha WI. Our sales team  Read More
New Kia Sorento in Milwaukee
   Published September 24, 2019
Have you finally decided that it's time to get the ball rolling on trading in your current car for something new? If you have been curious about the exciting Kia latest models, Ewald Kia is a wonderful place to start looking. We are the premier Kia dealership in the Milwaukee area. Ewald Kia has years of experience helping customers like you find and finance the right car. Ewald Kia of Milwaukee has a fantastic reputation in the community for our transparent and honest business style. Our  Read More
Minivan Sale Milwaukee
   Published September 23, 2019
Are you looking for the right car dealership in Waukesha? When it's time to start shopping for your next vehicle, the possibilities can be overwhelming. You will want to bring your business to a reliable dealership that has plenty of experience in helping customers. Ewald Kia is the premier choice for Waukesha WI car dealerships. We have been a proud local business in the community since 1964. Whether you are looking to lease a Kia or curious about your options for financing a new SUV, Ewald  Read More
Kia Optima Near Me
   Published September 20, 2019
There's nothing quite like driving a brand new car. It is an experience so distinct that even the smell of a new car can trigger the happiest of memories. When you buy a new car, you know that you are investing in the latest safety and technology available. If you are considering buying a Kia in the Milwaukee area, you aren't alone! Kia's commitment to staying on the cutting edge of design and innovation makes the manufacturer a popular choice. Kia manufactures safe, trustworthy cars loaded  Read More
Kia Certified Service
   Published September 20, 2019
Have you admitted that you're not going to last another season in your current car? Are you interested in getting yourself into a more reliable vehicle before winter arrives? When you're looking for the Kia latest models, Ewald Kia ought to be your first stop. We stock our dealership with the Kia cars latest models that you've been curious about. Are you looking for a fuel-sipping compact car, perfect for commuting? The Kia Forte might be the perfect vehicle for you. Perhaps you're an avid  Read More
Kia Service Center Milwaukee
   Published September 19, 2019
Ewald Kia is well known in the community for being the local driver's preferred dealership. With an exciting inventory of new Kia cars, as well as a robust selection of pre-owned vehicles, Ewald Kia is a wonderful place to look for your next car. Our Kia dealership in Milwaukee, WI has decades of experience providing our customers with exceptional service. At Ewald Kia, we believe that our relationship with the customer doesn't end after the sale. Once you've joined the Ewald family, you're a  Read More
Kia Sportage Milwaukee
   Published September 17, 2019
Have you had your eye on the Kia latest models? It seems like everyone is talking about the new Kia SUV models. At Ewald Kia, we are proud to bring our customers the Kia cars on sale that you've been looking for. Kia manufactures some of the most exciting and innovative automobiles on the market today. Critics praise Kia's ability to combine the latest technology with striking design at tremendous value. Kia's warranties are also considered to be among the best and most comprehensive in the  Read More
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