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Ewald Kia of Oconomowoc Makes it Easy to Save on Batteries

One of the most essential parts of your vehicle is one that is often overlooked, and that is your vehicle’s car battery. And old battery can cause many minor issues, and if not replaced quickly can lead to some serious hazards, from leaving you stranded on the road, to leaking acid, and even outright exploding in severe cases. Thankfully you have Ewald's Milwaukee Service Center on your side to assist people like you in figuring out what your vehicle needs and to help you learn about some basic battery safety and more.

Typically your car’s battery will comprise of around 6 cells that supply your vehicle with the electricity it needs. Over time your battery will begin to lose its charge regardless of its condition, which can lead to several issues. The most prevalent of these issues are weak cells and an eventually completely dead battery, which means that your vehicle is no longer getting the power it needs to work right. Somewhat more dangerous things can occur with old batteries as well, such as the leaking of a dangerous and corrosive battery acid that will cause further damage to your vehicle, and an old battery can even explode. Due to the damage that a battery leak or explosion can cause, should either of these occur you will need to spend even more on repairs.

During the much colder winter months it will be even harder to drive with an old battery. The reason for this is because more frigid temperatures slows down the speed with which your battery works, and with an old battery that has low or even dead cells it can be extremely difficult to get your vehicle started. That is why Ewald's Milwaukee Auto Service Center strongly recommends that you get your battery checked out when the weather begins to get cold, that way you will know in advance whether you need to replace your old battery or have your vehicle serviced.

A car battery will lose its charge over time regardless of its condition, so if you have a vehicle that has been sitting idly for a while then it is a wise choice to get your battery checked out at one of Ewald’s Auto Service Centers in Milwaukee, that you way you can find out for sure whether or not there is anything wrong with your vehicle. A low or dead battery may not always be the issue, as in some cases it may be an alternator issue or something else, but all too often a car that won't start is the result of dead cells, or simply running the battery too low. Find out for sure when you get it checked at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center.

If you decide that you want to replace your battery on your own, then you should learn how to spot the warnings of corrosion, acid leaks, and how to differentiate the positive and negative posts on the battery, as mistaking them can be dangerous. However, if you would rather relax and have someone do it for you, then Ewald's Service Center in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin makes battery replacement simple. W will do all of the work while you wait and we understand how to properly handle battery replacement. We will even help you sort through the many numerous types of batteries so that you can easily find the one that is right for your vehicles needs. Thanks to our Lifetime Guarantee on Milwaukee batteries you can your vehicle can always drive safe with a reliable battery when you need it. So schedule an appointment at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center, to have them replace your battery and service your car.
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