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So you’re searching for a new car again. Trying to figure out what you want can be hard enough without figuring in the idea of financing. Leave it to our Kia finance center to help you find the perfect fit for you and your wallet! Trying to find something on your own is hard, though. So come over to Ewald Kia of Milwaukee, WI. You won’t have to start by looking at where all the car deals near you are. You most certainly won’t have to look for a car on your own when you ask for our professionals to help you locate THE vehicle that you’ll be going back home in.

Kia Milwaukee in Wisconsin

You don’t have to go far away to find a great deal for an excellent car. In your very own Milwaukee, we have cars for sale right here! You can always stop by our Kia motors finance office to see for yourself too. We’re not going to leave you without helping you find an excellent car! Right here we want to list you some of our new Kia options for you. We have Kia Souls with auto custom accessories like heated seats, remote starts, and leather seats. Enjoy a smooth ride in this vehicle with custom wheels and tires. If you’re curious about the kind of power under the hoods of these Kia Soul’s, they have an impressive i4 engine. Pair that with the 6-speed automatic transmission and you’re good to go! That’s not the only car this branch has for sale. Of course, one of our other popular options is our Kia Sorento LX. If you’re looking for a family minivan, this should be one of your options. It has excellent gas mileage for any city and highway travel. We can also add custom lift kits and trailer hitches for all the luggage you’ll be carrying around this holiday season. We also have Kia Optima as an option for someone looking for a reliable car to get to work every day. It has leather seats and a sunroof for those warm fall days. Our Optima’s are also available for all our custom add-ons like the heated seats and even backup cameras.

Our Kia Finance Center

Kia’s finance center is set up to help you! You are the number one priority. There’s no need for you to drive away with a car you can’t afford to make monthly payments on, we are here to work with you and find a solution today. We wouldn’t ever want you to struggle on your own to find out these details by yourself. We want you to feel prepared and have a smooth transition to getting your new car. Customer service is our number one priority. Our Kia currently offers easy and helpful solutions so you can get started on the road today in your new vehicle. We’re open from 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday-Saturday and our phones are always free. So now you can start looking for Milwaukee cars for sale right here at Ewald Kia!
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