Kia Stinger Waukesha, WI

Not a New Concept

If you haven’t heard about the new Kia Stinger, it’s time to understand that Kia has been working on this car for several years. The Kia Stinger actually showed up at different auto show venues as long ago as 2011 and has been shown again and again over the past several years. Most recently the Kia Stinger made its way to Detroit to the auto show there to be a production model rather than a concept version. This means you’ll soon be able to drive the Kia Stinger in your Waukesha area.
When the new Kia Stinger does arrive for your driving enjoyment in Waukesha you’ll find it at Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI. This is the dealership near you that will show the Stinger first and will be ready to give you the car that’s been developed to take Kia in a new direction. If you want to enjoy learning about the Kia Stinger before it arrives on the market for the 2018 model year you need to see the team at Ewald and let them show you want this car is going to be for you on the road.
Most of the time when a vehicle is offered as several different concepts over a few years you see several changes being made, but the Kia Stinger has been fairly consistent since it showed up in 2011. This car has set its sights on the various sport luxury models that come out of Germany as the target of attention. Thankfully that consistency has meant the concept model we last saw appeared to be extremely similar to the production version that made its way to Detroit. Once it arrives, you’re going to love driving the Kia Stinger in your Waukesha area.
With an engine that brings in more than 300 horsepower and the ability to reach sixty mph in less than 5.1 seconds which makes it a quick car on the road, the Stinger is promising excitement wherever you go. This car will be seat up as a grand touring model with more size than some of the German competitors that have come before it, if you’re interested, the Kia Stinger will be offered so that you can have a great drive in the Waukesha area soon. Stay posted for more updates as we get closer.
Where will you find the updates you’re looking for regarding the Kia Stinger? Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI will be the place to be when the Stinger makes its way to the market later this year. This is a car that promises to be exciting and with the amount of time Kia has been working on this car it certainly should be one of the most amazing vehicles you’ll get to drive. Come in and learn more about the Kia Stinger that you’ll love in Waukesha by discussing it with the team at Ewald where you’ll find the ride you want when the Stinger arrives.

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