Kia Stinger Milwaukee

Kia is Aiming for Excitement

Published April 3, 2017

While you can look at the Kia lineup and see a brand of vehicles that offers you some amazing looks and makes it easier to have the right ride for you when you’re looking for a model that works great for the family to enjoy. The one thing missing from then lineup of Kia is a sports sedan that gives us an exciting ride, but one is coming. The 2018 model year will feature the new Kia Stinger and it will be sold at the Kia dealer you love the most in the Milwaukee area.
The new Kia Stinger will make its way to Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI later this year and be offered as a powerful and luxury sports sedan that aims to take on some of the most admired German models on the market. This active and luxury sport model will have a ton of power for you to enjoy the ride and Ewald Kia will easily make it possible for you to have this car as the ride you want to enjoy in Milwaukee at a great price. Once it makes its way to the lineup, come in and see what this car has for you.
For the power the entry level engine will be a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that brings you 255 horsepower . The upgraded engine will be a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 engine that provides 365 horsepower. Both engines will use an eight-speed automatic transmission and have the benefit of RWD or AWD for the ride you want. With the more powerful engine you’ll be able to reach 167 mph as the top speed and sixty mph in less than 5.1 seconds for the Kia Stinger that you’ll drive in the Milwaukee area.
The difference in the Kia Stinger versus some of the cars that are being considered rivals is the size. The Stinger is larger, which may make it more comfortable than the other cars on the market that its attempting to dethrone. The primary rivals considered for this car are the Audi A4 and the Mercedes- Benz C-Class. The Stinger may be longer than both of these but its lower in height to make the Kia Stinger a car that can easily cut through the air and handle the sporty ride you want to enjoy in the Milwaukee area in your new sports luxury model.
When the Kia Stinger is offered for sale in the Milwaukee area at Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI will make it easy for you to have the Stinger you want to drive. This impressive luxury sport sedan is on its way to Ewald and will be part of the 2018 model year. Once we see what the Stinger has to offer it will certainly be a car that’s gobbled up by those who want something different that doesn’t carry the recognized luxury names. Come in and see Ewald Kia and let them tell you more about the Stinger that’s hotly anticipated already.

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