Kia Niro Milwaukee, WI

The Hybrid SUV

Not every SUV is built with a hybrid model in mind. For most of the larger SUVs on the market the addition of a hybrid powertrain gives them a bit more power and slightly more efficiency, but that doesn’t always equal a better vehicle. With the new Kia Niro you have a vehicle that’s been built form the ground up as a hybrid/electric vehicle and it offers you an impressive mix of fuel efficiency and passenger space to give you the ride you want in Milwaukee.
Where can you find the Kia Niro that you want to drive for your daily commute to and from Milwaukee? Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI has a large selection of Niro models for you to choose from so that you can have the right vehicle at the best deal for you. Even though this is a new model on the market you can certainly expect to find it at a great price to give you the ride you want and offer you the performance you need. Let Ewald show you how the Niro can be right for you when you’re looking for something better to drive.
The new Kia Niro offers you the modern safety and passenger space you want while providing you with the combined fuel mileage rating of 49 mpg. That’s certainly impressive considering this is a vehicle that’s an SUV and it offers you the look and feel you admire from Kia. The hybrid model of the Niro isn’t where the fun and efficiency stops for this SUV, later in the year you’ll be able to buy this SUV near Milwaukee as a plug-in hybrid model that offers you the rating of at least 26 miles of EV driving on the road.
One of the main benefits of the new Kia Niro you can enjoy around Milwaukee is the way it drives. This SUV drives like a regular vehicle and not like a hybrid. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable in this SUV and know you have a vehicle that’s right for you to enjoy the ride. This is a vehicle that’s comfortable on the highways as much as it it’s in the city and it makes driving easier and more pleasant for you when you want the right way to take a drive to any area you choose in a highly efficient vehicle.
Take a ride to Ewald Kia in Oconomowoc, WI and pick up the Kia Niro that you want to drive around Milwaukee. This small SUV is the right choice for you to enjoy the ride and have the equipment you’ve been looking for on the road. You’ll be absolutely amazed by what the Kia Niro offers you and how great it feels when you get in and take a ride. You’ll also enjoy the fact that Ewald offers you the best deals on the Niro that you choose. This new hybrid SUV is what you’ve been looking for.

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